Guests reject average.
Competition is fierce.
Appearances are EVERTHING.

  • It’s doesn’t have to be grand.
  • It’s doesn’t have to be huge.
  • It just has to be relevant.

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Guests reject average.
Competition is fierce.
Appearances are EVERTHING.

  • It’s doesn’t have to be grand.
  • It’s doesn’t have to be huge.
  • It just has to be relevant.


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Our Services

Wedgetail can;

  • Consult
  • Advise
  • Source
  • Purchase
  • Style
  • Photograph


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We can supply:

  • Linen and bedding
  • Cutlery
  • White goods and appliances
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Artwork
  • Decor items

Wedgetail Interiors will tailor this service to suit your individual property and needs.

If you are more hands on but just need a little guidance, we’ve got your back!

Maybe you only need a few things to bring your property up to a competitive standard but don’t know where to start. Do you need someone to swoop in and do it for you while you’re at work, or perhaps you live in Brisbane and can’t find the time to get to the coast?

There is no job too small – we totally understand how big a difference just a few things can make to a space.

We will arrange every part of your refresh – from sourcing, delivery receivership, installation, styling and furniture placement/rearrangement.

Each item we install will be lovingly placed and arranged, from knives and forks to art work hung on walls. Every consideration is given to making your property a haven for your future guests; a haven they will want to return to for years to come.

For the more involved jobs, we will work with you, get quotes, find the right tradesmen, and assist you where we can with scheduled improvements, such as painting, window treatments, floor updates, and kitchen and bathroom updates.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose Wedgetail Interiors for your property project? Wedgetail Interiors have a commitment to quality and value in an industry that some may see as a luxury, or out of their reach. This service is all about making your property shine in a cutthroat market and helping you, our client, maximise the potential of your investment.

Wedgetail Interiors can work with items you already have to reduce costings and waste. In fact, incorporating pieces you already own, re-inventing and re-using them is a skill we pride ourselves on. Or, we can help you start from scratch utilising your budget efficiently.

Our service truly is value for money as the items we source are passed on to you without a price mark up.

Seasonal Produce

Long, hot summers and warm winters make the Queensland seasons special and unique. Don’t miss out on the Gold Coast winter! Tourists and Southern Australians flock to Queensland to experience our ’winter’ – the cooler months and school terms don’t have to be a time when your valuable investment is sitting empty.

There are thousands of places to choose from. Stop potential guests getting ‘swipe fatigue’ and take the occupancy struggle out of short term rentals. For a small investment (or large, it’s up to you), your financial returns will be long lasting and rewarding, as guests remember and request your property over and over again. It’s time to make your investment work harder for you.

nice interior

Beautiful Photographs

Don’t let your listing be overlooked because of dull or amateur photographs.


Our experienced, real estate photographer is on hand to capture your property and show it off at it’s very best.

For $150 you will receive 12 professional real estate photographs to use in any capacity on any advertising platform. The stunning photos will be yours to keep and will create the impact you need in the market to draw attention to your property in the ever competitive market.

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About Wedgetail Interiors

Created out of the growing need property owners have for assistance in property presentation, Wedgetail Interiors is at the ready to work with clients who want more from their investment.

Short term leasing is a huge part of the Gold Coast economy, with international and Aussie tourists making it their dream destination all year round. Wedgetail Interiors understands the vital importance of nurturing the elements that combine to make the tourism and holiday accommodation sector successful for both the holiday maker and the accommodation provider.

It’s a common story that we hear from guests;

The unit was ok, but it was dated and the couch was ugly, I’ll ask for a modern one next time quote


It wasn’t as nice as our own home, so we’ll book somewhere else next year quote

With our background in pre-sale staging and styling, Wedgetail Interiors is dedicated to getting the most out of every room, and breathing new life into any place we have the privilege of working on.

Let’s work together to make your property work harder for you

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Wedgetail Interiors aren’t just all about short term leasing. We are passionate about interiors in all forms, creating spaces rich with unique detail and reflecting the character of the people who exist in them.

Wedgetail can help in any capacity, with big jobs and small, or simply advising our clients on furniture placement or selections to get the most out of your home.

We welcome enquiries of all types, giving the same value and service to every job we undertake.